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Due Diligence Reports

Business Information Software Service
Prime Document
Outsourced Document Management Services
Optimise Hiring
SaaS for Recruitment

Scope of Work

Fitness for purpose and scalability of the software applications; design, implementation and operation of IT infrastructure; ease and ability to develop the existing software to allow migration to alternative platforms.

Matillion was formed in  2011 and now employs 23 people, mostly based in an office in the Greater Manchester area. The business was founded to exploit a perceived niche in the market for a Business Information tool that could exploit the security and reliability of high quality, flexible and scalable cloud services to deliver Business Information, initially, to mid-size business. The solution was developed in-house making use of Amazon Web Services(AWS) as a host service for the data and customer. Matillion is now one of Amazon’s small number of AWS “Big Data Competency” holders worldwide. Its two key products include a data integration platform that has a rapidly growing portfolio of Fortune 500 and “Born-On-The-Cloud” “tech” customers, as well as a SaaS offering, delivering powerful business intelligence and easy-to-use self-service reporting for customers across the UK, United States and EMEA.

The review investigated the resilience, supportability and security of software and development platforms used and specifically the feasibility and effort required to take the service to new platforms which would allow Matillion to access a wider potential customer base.


The recommendations in the report prepared were accepted and plans drawn up to make the changes required to facilitate successful investment.

Deal Value: £4m


Scope of Work

Software in place, IT infrastructure and development options.

Prime is based at a business park in Whitefield seven miles north of Manchester.  The business was established almost twenty years ago by the current executive management team.  One of the founders used his IT development skills to design and develop a suite of software tools and an IT Infrastructure to support the delivery of the core document assembly, print and distribution service.

Prime sells its services to large businesses.  These businesses contract with Prime to print and post business documents, including invoices and payslips, in bulk.  In recent years Prime has extended its service to meet a demand for electronic distribution of documents for some of its customers.  Plans were put in place 18 months ago to take this service in-house but this project was not progressed due to other business priorities.  The investment secured will back the management team’s plans to expand Prime’s footprint into the global EDM (electronic document management) sector.

The report recommendations were costed, prioritised and accepted as part of the plan for growth of the business and the investment proceeded successfully.

Deal Value: £500,000


Scope of Work

Platform Resilience and Scalability; Processes and Policies

Optimise Hiring is based in Salford and provides cloud based software to firms looking to drive efficiencies in their recruitment process.

The business was incorporated in 2013 and developed out of an opportunity to exploit the recruitment industry knowledge of its founding directors. The aim of OptimiseHiring is to “make recruitment simple” using technology.  This will provide sophisticated access to relevant sets of information, through a clever user interface, to increase efficiency for employers, recruitment agents and candidates.

The service offered revolves around connecting employers to potential candidates for live vacancies. This can be done directly through career pages, via job boards and through the engagement of recruitment agencies.

The report recommendations were costed, prioritised and accepted as part of the plan for growth of the business and the investment proceeded successfully.

Deal Value: £375,000 from Greater Manchester Investment Fund together with an undisclosed amount from a private investor

Further Case Studies Available for IT Due Diligence to support investments in:
Fashion Retailer in Scotland                                    SaaS for Travel Agents, based in Scotland

Executive Recruiter in Westminster                           Business Information Systems Provider in the North West

IT Recruiter in Newcastle                                        Provider of Software for Rugged Devices in Hertfordshire

Telephony Service Provider in Ware                          SaaS Recruitment Management  in Manchester

National IT Data Centre Hosting and Support Services Business in the North West

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